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A full-time artist for 25 years, now Semi-retired.

The paintings of Mario Pelser reveals the true spirit of life, of nature and will always evoke emotions in the viewer.

In his own words “In the silent voice of the artist's brush, lies the depths of many unknown and untold stories” Mario Pelser's art speaks for itself; elegant, mysterious, exciting and bold.

His paintings capture the mood and magic of a moment in time, never to be repeated again and then enhanced further by his own creative imagination.

Though this is only a small preview into Mario Pelser's life as an artist, there is so much more to his story; filled with great loss, rejection, heartache and love. When you get to know him personally you will find his greatest love is towards God.

In Mario's words; “For all my talents, glory only goes to God, the ultimate painter, sculptor and creator”.

Mario visited Namibia in 2015 and fell in love with the country and its people. He made Namibia his permanent home and is based in a beautiful coastal town called Swakopmund.